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Why are our Caviar prices lower than other sites?

Given the industry we are in and the price expectations around the product we love and sell, some customers question or can even by suspicious as our prices truly are very low. There are some good reasons for this and we'd like to clear things up. Historically, Caviar was always wild and from the Caspian Sea. Some time ago ALL wild Caviar fishing was banned. This means that all Caviar for sale currently is farmed, this is obviously a less expensive method of obtaining Caviar. Many established sellers continued charging "wild" prices. The Caviar industry is cut-throat and many players join together to keep these prices fixed. We wanted to do it differently, the Caviar now costs us less to source and we are one of the only sellers passing that saving on to you. When you see most other sellers priced higher than us their product is no different, it's just you're paying the old "wild" prices and we have adjusted our prices accordingly. Furthermore, we also buy in huge quantities which gives us buying power and better value for money. We supply many restaurants in the UK their Private Label product so we have significant stock on hand. Many other retailers are just that, retailers. Hope that makes sense! But as always if you have any questions just get in touch. Regards, The I Love Caviar Team


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