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About Us

I Love Caviar was born when a restaurater with a love for Caviar went about to source, develop, stock and distribute the finest caviars at affordable prices. We're different because we offer luxury goods at unbeatable prices. Many other online sellers charge a premium. We believe in fair pricing and giving everyone the chance to enjoy the finer things in life.

We stock a range of Caviars and other luxury goods such as Fois Gras, Truffles, Wines & Champagne, Luxury Chocolates, Olive Oils and so much more. We'd invite you to take a look around and please do get in touch if you have any questions.  

About Our Caviar

As with all caviar our selection is farmed in high quality Caviar Farms. We source only the best in our expert opinion and supply that to our customers at great prices. 


The Beluga Sturgeon is also called “The Great Sturgeon”.  Our Beluga fish is farmed in native Caspian Sea waters.The product quickly became a favourite among gourmets and is well-known as “King of Caviar"


Oscietra is one of the most popular species of Caspian Sea Sturgeons (among Beluga & Sevruga) which is currently farmed in France, Italy and China,. It is famous for its creamy hazelnut taste.


Kaluga fish is a type of sturgeon, a close “relative” of the beluga. 

It is a perfect combination of two species of Sturgeon which results in a unique Caviar with firm big eggs and great taste.The colour may vary from dark green to brownish.



Kaluga caviar with the scientific name of Huso dauricus known as “River Beluga” as well. The eggs are very similar to Beluga Caviar and in terms of size are up to 3.4mm. This caviar is another expensive delicacy after beluga due to its unique taste. Maturity time for the fish is longer than other species and shorter than Beluga fish. 

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