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Jacks Creek Black Angus Australian Sirloin-2kg

Jacks Creek is one of the largest producers of premium quality Australian beef winning Worlds Best Steak Producer.


High quality grain fed beef producing tender, juicy, and flavourful steak in a huge range of cuts and grades. You really cannot go wrong when you go with Jacks Creek.


Why choose sirloin?


The sirloin steak is cut from the large back muscles of the cow close to the spine and right next to the filet. It is an incredibly flavourful cut that offers a more intense and depth "beefy" flavour than a filet or a rib-eye for example.


Pair it with some of our signature steak salts and sauces to really add a pinch or a dollop of excellence to your steak night.

Jacks Creek Black Angus Australian Sirloin-2kg


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